TEDxYouth@Eyüboğlu is a full day student-centred event organized byEyüboğlu students. With a large audience of high school students. Ourgoal is to bring together bright-minded inquisitive students and adults toshare their ideas in a vibrant and collaborative environment.

The idea behind our TEDxYouth Event

You are the artist of your own life. You have power over the decisions youmake, just as an artist has over the creative process. This implies that life issubjective and susceptible to interpretation, just like art. Everybody's life isunique and can be viewed as an expression of their personal decisions. Itentails setting objectives and making decisions with the aim of living a lifethat is satisfying and meaningful. Life is about the process of becoming one'strue self, discovering who you are and shaping it accordingly. This year wehave given our event the theme "Life is a work of art". People sometimesforget that they are the ones in control of their decisions and that theiractions shape their future. Sometimes an artist’s art piece doesn’t turn out asthey hoped, however, they learn to embrace it and continue with the art, evenif they face difficulties, unexpected changes and make the wrong choices. Asan artist you can always look at the art from a new perspective and controlhow it shapes your future, in short you're the artist and your life the canvas!

"Life is a blank canvas and you are the artist"

June 8, 2023, Eyüboğlu Hall