Alp Köksal

student at Üsküdar American Academy

I am a senior at Uskudar American Academy. I am the vice president of my school’s Student Association, the president of the French MUN Club, captain of the swimming team and founder of the League of Schools, a platform for high schools in Turkey to come together through various projects...but these are just titles. I am a person who dearly values happiness, and seeking everyone’s delight. That is why I appreciate social service so much. I am a unified partner athlete at the Special Olympics Turkey; I regularly run in marathons with my friends and raise money for Toplum Gonulluleri Vakfi, and volunteer in the Aziz Nesin Foundation’s Children’s Festivals, painting faces, and T-shirts. I adore sharing my experiences with others, expressing myself and standing up for others.


In Turkey, social service is held to be very important, especially in high schools, but are advertised as helping to build a good CV. However, I have seen that the real value of service is not understood, and thus students do not serve their societies to their fullest extent. Working with the Special Olympics, I have seen that my peers with learning disabilities are not at all different from me, but everyone does not know what I have learned.

Mathematics, on the other hand, is viewed as the study of geniuses. While this subject requires great intellectual prowess, mathematics is for everyone. In my talk, I will bring together principles of mathematics as analogies for the need for social service.

TEDxYouth@EyüboğluHS 2018