Bülent Coşkun


Bülent Coşkun is a graduate of METU in Civil Engineering and completed his postgraduate studies at Istanbul Bilgi University in Cultural Studies. Currently, he is a lecturer at the same university, teaching Game Theory, Operations Management, Project Management and IT Management. In his professional life, he has worked in construction, finance, and software programming. His areas of interest are Culture and Technology relations, IT governance, Game theory and Innovation Models. He was one of the first to contribute to the advancement of Cloud Technology in Turkey

Game Theory for Life

We try to understand life by creating models to represent the very nature of life. Seeing every relation through the aspects of a game is a useful way of modeling life. In the complexity of our day-to-day relationships, parties interact to cooperate or come into conflict. That is also what usually happens in games, so Game Theory, a relatively a new discipline, tries to understand and explain these relations mathematically. Just as in any scientific discipline it stands upon some basic assumptions such as all players are self-interested agents. It discards the importance of emotions and shows how harmful that they can be when taking positions and making decisions. Perhaps we should call ourselves not only ‘home sapiens’ but also ‘homo ludens’, a name coined by Johan Huizinga, meaning humans that play games.

TEDxYouth@EyüboğluHS 2018