Emir Baysal & Güney Ergüney

students at Eyüboğlu High School

Emir Baysal

I am currently in 11th grade in Eyüboğlu High School and it’s my fourth year in Istanbul. I used to live in the small city of Malatya before I came to Istanbul. Relocating wasn’t easy for me but Istanbul has contributed to me in a lot of ways; my vision has changed completely. Another turning point in my life has been joining the young entrepreneurs club at school. It changed my perspective on life. I was someone who couldn’t speak in front of a crowd but overcame stage fright and now I’m making presentations to investors and entrepreneurs. I have noticed so much improvement in myself along the way and I continue to work hard to improve myself even further.

Güney Ergüney

Just someone trying to live his life to its full extent. I was born in Bodrum then had to move to İstanbul, which was a kind of a difference for me. Now I am someone who is trying to be as happy as possible.

An Entrepreneurial Journey

Entrepreneurship is the passion to seek struggle. Entrepreneurship is definitely one of the the riskiest jobs that you can do. It is so risky that many people never even try and avoid saying yes to following their passion at all costs, but what if, because you were afraid to take the first step, you are missing out on your dream life?

Emir Baysal and Güney Ergüney share their experiences over the last two years as members of the Young Entrepreneurs club, showing that every path to success comes with many bumps in the road.

TEDxYouth@EyüboğluHS 2018