Selin Sönmez

student at Terakki Foundation Schools

I am a Grade 10 student at Terakki Foundation Schools. I love doing gymnastics and dancing. I am also interested in playing the guitar. I am fond of biology, especially genetics, so I am trying to improve myself especially in these subjects and even entered a competition about genetics. In my free time I love reading books because I think that it is very important to broaden my imagination. I am an ambitious student who is planning to study abroad at a prominent university. The major I want to pursue is genetic science and I want to be a scientist who will work hard to help eradicate genetic disorders. To be able to achieve my goal, I am ready to dedicate my whole energy and time to my academic studies. In the future, I would like to work in a job which is related to biology because my aim is to save lives by using the latest technology. I believe my experience today will help me boost my morale and enthusiasm.

Learning from History

I will talk about the necessity of using the knowledge gained through the centuries to build upon and create new things with. Not all roads have to be travelled again if they have already been travelled and have been used well by previous generations.


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