We don't always choose the path that life takes us on. I am a man who has come from Syria, and in my new life here in Turkey have been privileged enough to be able to support others who have also fled, to rebuild their lives here. I am an engineering graduate and was satisfied with my work in this field before the conflict in Syria began. Now I work for Small Projects Istanbul, where we help people to overcome obstacles and integrate with the local community. I believe that people have the right to live their lives in dignity, wherever they chose to settle. I hope to be part of the solution to the challenges that stand in the way of achieving this dream.

The decision of a lifetime

If you choose to flee, is it really a relief to leave everything behind you? What are the feelings experienced inside the hearts of a displaced family? Starting again in a new land, how does the displaced community affect the host community’s economy? Does the fight continue in a different way? Now that we are here, will we forget our homeland? We are reminded that the fight in the world around us in mirrored by the fight inside. How do efforts of acceptance and patience affect the displaced and host community? Is there an end to the journey?


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