Enis Yazırlıoğlu

Digital Transformation Manager at Turkcell

I am the digital transformation manager at Turkcell. My job is understanding change dynamics and implementing them in both the internal and external worlds. Humanity is the ultimate capital, so my job is understanding the customers and the way a company understands the customers and manage the change to shift the company's behaviour and products to align with the consumer’s needs.

I have been working for Turkcell for six years. Along this journey, I have taken on various roles, such as thought leader, IoT manager, change strategist, innovator and digital transformationist. I have also written for the Harvard Business Review Turkey Blog and the HBR Turkey İleri Görüş magazine as part of my job. I studied at Tarsus American College, then earned an MS in Electronics Engineering at Hacettepe University before gaining my Executive MBA from Boğaziçi University. I am the father of Eyüboğlu Kemerburgaz first grader, Karin Yazırlıoğlu.

Leadership skills

What skills should leaders exhibit? Drawing on lessons from some leaders in history, we will discover the perfect balance to move teams forward.

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