I am officially a translator for TED talks and Evrim Ağacı. I attended a cryptology summer camp at Tübitak and Sabancı University and shared the knowledge I gained there as a speaker at Global Educational Supplies and Solutions in 2017 with the topic ‘My Dreams Are Getting Bigger With Technology’. I was an SAT assistant in August 2018 which gave me a great insight into how to interact with people. I attended MUN and debate conferences. My applications were considered outstanding by Camp Rising Sun, Telluride Association and Pioneer Research program and expressed my thinking and literacy skills through Eyüboğlu’s literature magazine, Yakamoz.

Fighting the fight or flight response

We’re not cavemen, so the acute stress response we inherited from our ancestors isn’t always that helpful these days. How can we fight stress in the modern media world?


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Introduction Video

Buse Kutulu

TED Talk / John Legend

Selenay Elmacıoğlu

TED Talk / Sally Kohn

Melis Elda Koldemir

Ezgi Bayındır

TED Talk / Cleo Wade

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TED Talk / Tom Wujec

Serkan Bozkurt

TED Talk / Derek Sivers


Enis Yazırlıoğlu

TED Talk / Gever Tulley

Barış Karayazgan

TED Talk / Dennis Shasha

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Ceren Şengün

TED Talk / Julia Galef

Anas Alnatour

TED Talk / Gillian Gibb

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