My name is Ayse Tanakol an English teacher, former High School Assistant principal and MUN director at Eyuboglu High. Working at Eyuboglu İnstitutions since 1988. Established Model United Nations club in 2000 and running it since then.

Man’s Search For Meaning.

Technological inventions like artificial intelligence products, and discoveries lubricate the job of searching for meaning in digital world but what about the meaning of our lives? Is it easy to give our lives meaning? The fathers of Existential Philosophy, ongoing studies by Harvard University, thinkers authors survivors of hard times, Nobel Prize winner Albert Einstein’s; the genious of the century’s theory of happiness and other discoveries all offer advice and revelations which might have the key to the pursuit of happiness: the meaning of life worth living.

Ayşe Tanakol: Man’s Search For Meaning.

TEDxYouth@EyüboğluHS 2022