My name is Kaan Kahraman. I am currently a 9th grader at Şişli Terakki High School, and I am 15 years old. I have been playing the guitar for 5 years, which is the thing I am most passionate about. I have proudly been a part of the Terakki Philarmonic Orchestra for a year now. Being on stage and performing makes me feel confident and free. One of my other biggest passion is philosophy. When I was 12, I saw a film called "Trainspotting", which basically kickstarted my love for philosophy. The film had nihilistic undertones that caused me to question the value and meaning of human existence. Since then, I have been reading Nietzsche, Schopenhauer, Sartre, and many more.In the future, I want to get into medical school and specialize in psychiatry. Apart from that, I want to keep playing the guitar and reading philosophy; not just as a hobby, but as a vital part of my lifestyle.

Earthly Pleasures, or Philosophical Exile

In my speech, I am planning to deconstruct the stereotypical views about what brings happiness and satisfaction into one's life and explore concepts of existentialism through the words of some famous philosophers. Bridging these philosophies with real-life examples and with my own experience as an individual, I'm planning to trigger the listeners to start searching for their own ways to question their own existence and its meaning.While doing this, I am planning to create a bond with the audience through some meaningful interaction and humor when applicable and talk about how they can use their own compass. Taking a look at the different philosophical approaches, and being exposed to a few examples of how to realize those approaches in real life will make it easier for the audience to apply this to their own lives.

Kaan Sadri Kahraman: Earthly Pleasures, or Philosophical Exile

TEDxYouth@EyüboğluHS 2022