My name is Nehir Kader and I'm a student in Eyüboğlu. Movies, books, art and sports are some of my interests that occupy a big part of my life. Almost everyday I draw or at least doodle something, or I usually fill my spare time with movies or series. I go to training 4 days a week and read as much as I can, and sometimes I spend time with my friends. My life goes on in a certain pattern just like everyone else and with this TEDX event I had a chance to vocalize my opinions about how our routines can either present us an opportunity to keep us grounded or trap us in a repetitive life.

Routine Cycle Of Life

Do you think our routines are tools that help us to hold on to life or are they repeating habits that turn our lives in to a monotone and dull journey? Sometimes we tend to forget t o actually acknowledge what and why we are doing something, which makes everything more meaningless in our eyes. Things just become routine.

Nehir Kader: Routine Cycle Of Life

TEDxYouth@EyüboğluHS 2022