Pınar Saklıyan Koc¸ali is a Turkish sociologist, researcher, consultant/advisor, entrepreneur, speaker, trainer, writer, translator, singer, wife, and mother who happens to be passionate about finding (and producing) innovative ways to 21st century citizens on “representation”. She is involved in numerous representation projects, both at the individual and corporate level. She emphasizes grace, self-kindness, and quality management in all forms of communication. Pınar also organizes – not to mention moderates and gives talks at – training programs, seminars, workshops, summits, conferences on communications around the world.

Finding Balance To Find Meaning

“The search for meaning” lasts a lifetime, because people constantly change and evolve. The personality of a ten year-old versus that of a thirty year-old is not the same. Thus, the best way to define “balance” is to be able to view and analyze every situation realistically and holistically rather than focus on the glass being half full or half empty. Whether you’re performing opera, designing a building, planning a city, writing a book, or even giving a speech… No matter what it is, if you want to create balance, you have to bring emptiness and fullness together. Moreover, if we approach life and ourselves with grace and (self) kindness, then it is easier for us to find and maintain balance – the true key to search for meaning!

Pınar Saklıyan Koçali: Finding Balance To Find Meaning

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