My name is Sıla Isıyel. I am an Eyüboğlu graduate. I studied in Eyüboğlu for 12 years. After high school, I started studying psychology in Istanbul Commerce University with a scholarship. Child development was a field that caught my attention during university years. I am currently working as a psychological counselor in Eyüboğlu Secondary School. In my spare time, I like to play guitar and sing. Anything can inspire me but this saying by Prof. Dr. Garry Landreth is the most effective thing in my whole life: What matters most is not what we do; it is what we do after what we did". Hope, exists.

Enjoy The Ride

Beyhan Gökbulut was a 48 years old woman whom I met in the first year of my university. We started studying psychology together and weirdly we had something in common with her: She was actually a mother of one of my old school friends from Eyüboğlu, Bihter. One day, she woke up and started battling an incurable disease. I could not imagine respecting someone so much. She showed me that life meant the “moment”. Life keeps flowing. What we need to do, in my opinion, is not to drift with the flow but to enjoy the ride.

Sıla Isıyel: Enjoy The Ride

TEDxYouth@EyüboğluHS 2022