My name is Berke Tüzemen, I am currently an IB DP student in Eyüboğlu High School aiming to major in mechanical engineering at university. My friends would describe me as extroverted, determined, talkative and a little stubborn from time to time. My interests cover a lot of topics, ranging from coding to sociology. Giving a Ted Talk has always been a dream of mine, so I’m really proud to be taking the first step by giving a TEDx speech at my school. Moreover, I get to do this in the context of something I’m passionate about: art.

If life is your canvas, why not make it a masterpiece?

Art has been around since the beginning of human history, constantly evolving in a world that never seems to stay put. Thus, it’s possible to see traces of our past in art, and use it as a tool to give us a sense of direction for our future. It can be used as a vehicle for communication, turning complex ideas into tangible and lucid realities, and allowing us to understand different cultures as well as our own. Thus, though often underestimated, I believe art has the power of expanding our outlook on the future, and the world as a whole. I guess you’ll have to listen to my speech to see if I’m right :)


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Introduction Video

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Karin Cankan

Deniz Güner

TED Talk / Elizabeth Gilbert

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Ece Baysa

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