I am Deniz Güner and I’m an IBDP student in Eyüboğlu College. I play the piano and the bass guitar. I also enjoy poetry and I identify myself as a songwriter and sometimes, a singer. I’m interested in politics, philosophy, psychology, and sociology. Reading and talking about literature is something I do regularly. I wish to study International Law in the Netherlands.

Creation of The Art And The Artist

There’s always been an undeniable tie between art and society. The need for self-expression has always surfaced no matter the variables that make each and every community unique on its own. However, the age-old question of how an artist is formed is left unanswered. Are artists born as creators? Can the life that you have to live through turn you into an artist? Are there common traits for all artists, and if so, what are they? The answers to all these questions lie on the same path: struggle.


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Deniz Güner

TED Talk / Elizabeth Gilbert

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