I am Ece Baysa and I’m an IBDP student in Eyüboğlu College. I have been doing ballet since I was five years old. As I grew up, my journey with art didn’t remain limited to just dancing. I love engaging with various types of media, from movies to literature. I enjoy learning more about the meaning behind art pieces and the journeys of the artists behind them. I was deeply inspired by many TEDx talks as I wandered through life. I am so grateful to have the opportunity to inspire others, as many did before me. Through my talk, I hope to have an impact on the viewer’s perspective of life and what it takes to produce art.

Redefining Art and the Artist

In this speech, I explored the positive aspects of art and its impact on artists. I celebrated the liberating power of dance and the journey of self-discovery and growth that artists embark on. Embracing authenticity and nurturing creativity become key elements in supporting artists' well-being. I redefine success in the arts, emphasizing personal growth, fulfillment, and the positive impact of art. Art is seen as a bridge that cultivates empathy and connection among individuals. By creating a supportive environment, I ensure that art continues to uplift and inspire. I conclude by highlighting the importance of cherishing and nurturing artists and their creative journeys.


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Karin Cankan

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TED Talk / Elizabeth Gilbert

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Ece Baysa

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