My name is Karin Şen Cankan. I’m a 51-year-old full time mom, and have recently retired after 22 years of a vibrant career. When I was 4 my parents moved to the States, until university my whole study life was in LA, California. I graduated from Pepperdine College FeedBacks of Law History, received a law degree, but never had a chance to practice law since we returned to my homeland. After living here in Istanbul, I started working for an international London based engineering consulting firm, which had 55 offices in 25 countries all around the world. After my daughter Talya was born, I left my job when she was 7 months old. Started my own business in 2008, I bought an İtalian bespoke brand İl Papiros and became their Istanbul branch emissary until 2012. My office was my happy place, and yes I'm a workaholic in a way; I enjoy being around workplaces, my other interest is to read classic literature and also history, since childhood have been in book clubs all my life and I still join 3 clubs in a month, you can say I have a large library, I enjoy listening to heavy metal music since I was 12 years old , politics is another joy for me, my hobbies are to write short stories, keep journals, collect stationery, jewelry and anything that refers to old or antique, listen to loud music, love to spend time with my family especially my daughter around a wonderfully decorated dinner table. Have a big heart on anything that is limited edition or bespoke.

Be Bold, Take Actions, Have Strong Effective Communications and A Big Happy Heart

Think of your life as a work of art, a priceless art, just one piece ever made and just unique made for you, every life stage is a color and that as you live and experience every small detail is a color of your life that you put in, just like to add to your palette to paint your canvas you need to keep adding colors, the more you add the better it will be, once you step back, and see the full picture, you will understand every light, every dimension that grows around you as you experience, that every ups and downs will come back to you as a better bigger piece of your own performance. You need to make your own self as you are both, the marble and the sculptor.

So settle in your seats, sit straight and enjoy the ride as you only get one ride each, take the wheel in your hand and start your route, but understand that if you go fast you won't be able to see the full view, and you will miss all the fun, if you go too slow this time you won’t be able to keep up with time, so keep your pace, your energy full, your head and mind steady and always look for the very best in every occasion of your long lasting life experience.


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