My name is Nisan, I am an 11th grader in Eyüboğlu High School and I am in the IB DP programme. I'm interested in arts, specifically acting. My dream is to study dramatic arts as a minor in university. I am also interested in music and dance too, I used to dance and played the piano for 6 years. This TEDx event gave me an opportunity to overcome my fear of public speaking and to express my love for art.

Relationship between visual & performing arts

Related to the theme “Life is a Work of Art”, we decided to talk about the branches of art that we are interested in. We explain the relationship between visual art and performance arts employing a number of artists’ life accounts and our thoughts.


13.10 - 13.20


Introduction Video

13.20 - 13.50

Karin Cankan

Deniz Güner

TED Talk / Elizabeth Gilbert

13.55 - 14.20

14.45 - 15.15

Ece Baysa

Oğuz Günenç