After graduating from Marmara University in 1992, I started teaching English in private schools in İstanbul and since 2008, I have been working at Eyüboğlu Educational Institutions.

My story in Eyüboğlu is rather different. Aside from teaching English, my focus became more on Theory of Knowledge and Extended Essay and after becoming the Diploma Program Coordinator, I also coordinate CAS.

I have started delivering opening speeches in TOK conferences and that might have caught some attention.

I am interested in travelling and see it as a lifestyle. Intercultural activities also attract me. I am an avid reader and enjoy short texts in Art and Science. I would like to keep myself up-to-date about the world so I have social media accounts as well and they have started to take some of my time.

Art as a life- enhancing moment

My speech is about whether art has evolved or not and my main thesis is that “Art was reserved to the rich in the past.” Considering the title “Life is a work of art”, who embraces art in all aspects of their lives now? The rich or the common people. I am going to focus on imagination and creativity, differing trends in Art thanks to AI and giving meaning to an object by using discourse surrounding it. The final touch will be on a new notion called Public Art.


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Introduction Video

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Karin Cankan

Deniz Güner

TED Talk / Elizabeth Gilbert

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