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Thank you for your interest in giving a talk at our event. As places are limited, you will be called for interview and asked to perform your talk before an internal selection panel at the end of February. You will be informed of the exact date and time by email correspondence.
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We have given our event the abstract theme The Search for Meaning:

As individuals, we all want to find our true selves to reach our highest potential. Life could be a struggle, but with the right purpose in mind, it is possible to overcome the hardships. Finding the meaning of your life can guide you to be the best version of yourself. Life is full of different roads, be your own compass.

We have given our event the theme THE SEARCH FOR MEANING. The media can create standardized unattainable lifestyles . In a world where everyone has an opinion on everything, it is important to create your own genuine road map. Your priorities can guide your life decisions, shape your goals, and create meaning in your life. Be your own guide and become the best version of yourself. The search for meaning helps you achieve success and guides you through life.

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